What is cotton spandex? Pros and cons of cotton fabric


Cotton is a very popular fabric today, which when it comes to we all know about this material. However, the origin and characteristics of cotton fabric is not something that everyone knows. Let's find out in detail through the article below.


Cotton fabric is a natural fabric made from the main raw materials of cotton fibers and chemical substances. With many advantages such as good perspiration absorbent, ventilation, effective wear resistance, easy staining and resistance to penetration of stains and mold. Raw materials are abundant, available from nature. So cotton fabric is used a lot in the garment industry, with the main products such as blankets, pillows, clothes... Besides, it also promotes the development of the agricultural industry today.



Cotton fabric is divided into 4 popular types:


1. 100 % cotton

A fabric containing 100% cotton is a fabric derived from cotton fibers or Xenluloxo yarns. 100% cotton fabric can absorb sweat well, suitable for the tropical climate of our country. But the disadvantage of this fabric is that it has a fairly high price, only for high-end products.


2. Cotton 65/35 (CVC)

CVC 65/35 cotton fabric is made up of 65% cotton fiber and 35% PE fiber. It is a fabric that carries both the properties of cotton yarn and PE. Because cotton ingredients account for 65%, the cost of this fabric is also quite high.


3. Tixi (cotton 35/65)

Tixi fabric or TC for short consists of 35% cotton fiber and 65% PE fiber. This fabric is often used to sew T-shirts and is more commonly used due to its average price.


4. PE (Polyeste)

This fabric is made from 100% PE yarn. The advantage of this fabric is its high durability and less crunch, not shrinking during use. The price should also be commonly used.



1. Environmentally friendly, because it is made up of natural cotton fibers, cotton fabrics are self-decomposing. In addition, it is also a renewable resource. Many customers interested in environmental protection have chosen to get clothes made from organic cotton

2. High durability, Cotton fiber used as clothing, will have more durability than other fibers. Cotton is a durable fabric that withstands regular washing. Moreover, this natural fiber becomes more supple, stronger up to 30% when wet. Clothes made of cotton quickly dry and are easily ironed flat or after being hung up.

3. No skin irritation, is a great feature that Cotton is different from many fabrics on the market, this is also the best choice for asthma patients, even gentle and usable for children's skin.

4. Keep the fragrance longer, this is also one of the main benefits of this fabric. With breathableness, your delicate skin can "breathe" easily, bringing a sense of comfort and air to the wearer, while helping the body and products get rid of unpleasant odors.

5. Soft features, cotton products give users a soft feeling to the skin. Combined with breathability. 

6. Good perspiration absorbent, relatively high resistance to termites and insects. Due to the extremely good absorbentness of cotton fibers, the Cotton fabric background also inherits that transcendental feature. In addition, this is the most commonly used fabric in apparel.



With 100% cotton, the price is quite high, the fabric is hard and suitable only for men. It is because of this that it is not really popular with users.

Therefore, to overcome this disadvantage, many customers have used cotton fabric mixed with Spandex yarn to create softness for fabrics when using.



When washing should not soak things for too long with soap because if soaking too long the color and texture on the fabric will fade. Therefore, you should only soak for a few minutes and then wash it.

Before washing should carry out classification of items, it is recommended to wash white clothes separately to avoid making white clothes colored with other clothes.


Only use detergents with neutral pH, because using too strong chemicals will cause the durability of the fabric to deteriorate, causing damage, items, fading of clothes and spreading when washing.


Dry cotton clothes in cool, dry places away from too harsh sun. This will ensure maximum durability for users during use.



Currently, cotton fabrics on the market are very diverse and rich, which makes many consumers bewildered not knowing what this is real cotton fabric and what is fake to avoid. Therefore, to ensure that you choose the right fabric to use, first know how to recognize cotton.


Here are some ways to recognize cotton fabrics that you should refer to to get the right fabric for you.


Recognize cotton fabric by the senses

With standard cotton fabric: Just observe and use some basic tips that you will easily know if it is a quality fabric or not.


Usually for standard cotton fabric when observing you will easily see the folds on the fabric or use your hands to wrinkle will be very easy to wrinkle. Or to be clear you can touch the fabric directly with your hands, the fabric is soft, smooth but does not create a smoothness, touch nor feel cold like other cotton fabrics on the market today.


Blended cotton fabric: Unlike standard cotton, blended cotton fabric will not easily crumple, moreover, the fabric surface has a very beautiful glossy and especially brings high durability to users during use.


Recognition by thermoetropical methods

100% cotton fabric: Using a small sample and then burning, you will see the fire burning pink, gray smoke and after burning does not leave plastic, it is definitely 100% cotton fabric.


Blended cotton fabric: Because it is a combination of Poly fiber phase, when burning you will smell plastic and the smell is very unpleasant, if ,the more characteristic the plastic smell, the more Poly phase fabric. When the fire is finished, it will lump partly and that lump is the phase ratio.


Recognition through water permeability

100% cotton fabric: Provides extremely fast water permeability, almost evenly permeable on the entire fabric surface.

Blended cotton fabric: Because of the PE substance, the water permeability will be longer and the spread around is 100% uneven.




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