About us

Welcome to visit our website! You are probably interested in apparel and fashion, as well as the products on this site. And you also want to know who we are, don’t you?



So let us introduce a little bit about ourselves! True to the name of our website.

We specialize in providing wholesale and retail all kinds of elastic fabrics and fashionable T-shirt collars. Currently, with nearly 30 years of production and business experience in the field of apparel, with the criterion: always take "satisfaction" and "customer tastes" as sales criteria.


Our main store is located on Pham Phu Thu street - a famous street specializing in supplying spandex and collar fabrics for the garment industry. In addition, we also have a branch located in Tan Binh market - a market specializing in wholesale of fabrics, accessories and clothes... for the whole country of Vietnam and neighboring countries: Laos and Cambodia. The process of forming and developing Tan Binh market has been many decades, and we have been immersed in that development for nearly 30 years.



  • About spandex fabric: we specialize in providing Wholesale and retail of all kinds of fabrics: plain spandex (2-way, 4-way), crocodile fabric, sesame seeds, fish skin, la dong, sports elastic (super/sweat)... Quality Various fabric materials: Cotton, TC, PE, Poly. We prefer to make whole batches. Because yarn prices fluctuate up and down: cyclical throughout the year, even hourly. Therefore, we cannot update the price continuously on the website introducing this product. Please contact Hotline for good price.
  • About the collar: we have nearly 80 colors of plain collar (no stripes) available to meet the needs of the collar according to the color of the fabric. And nearly 30 colors have stripes (1 stripe or 2 stripes). In addition, we accept orders: Striped collar, Patterned collar, Plain collar, Text-woven collar, computerized woven collar...with colors, sizes, and textures on request.

We have a wide range of popular styles available for making jackets, bombers, waistbands, trouser legs... In addition, we also accept weaving. Special designs according to customer requirements.


We have the advantage of being the leading manufacturer of Cotton & Cotton Fabrics, with modern machinery and equipment, and a weaving workshop in the center of Bay Hien area - Tan Binh district (the oldest textile area in Saigon), we I am committed to ensuring the best quality, design and price for you.


Try using our Fabrics, Collars to feel the difference.