The kind of bomber jackets are favorite by women.


Every year, when the weather begins to change seasons, it is also the time when fashionistas have the opportunity to show their ability to mix and match their outfits with trendy bomber jackets. Bomber jackets used to be familiar fashion items for men, but now bomber jackets are also very popular with women and are used in everyday streetstyle.

Here are some types of bomber jackets that are being loved by women today.

1. Bomber jacket in light pastel tones

Bomber jackets always make the wearer stronger and more active. But for women who love femininity and lightness, pastel-tone bomber jackets are the perfect choice to combine to create a girl that is both feminine but also very trendy.

Pastel-tone bomber jacket


2. Croptop bomber jacket

For girls who love glamor and sexy, a crop top bomber jacket is a choice not to be missed. These shirts not only create a healthy appearance, but also show your personality.

Croptop bomber jacket


3. Oversized bomber jacket

If you are a girl who likes to break out in fashion but still want to look young and cute, an oversized bomber jacket is a suitable suggestion for you.

Oversized bomber jacket


4. Sports bomber jacket

True to the name "sports", these bomber jackets are often embroidered with letter and number motifs, like the names of the teams as well as the players' numbers. These shirts also bring a feeling of health and dynamism, but there is innovation in the motifs on the shirt.

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